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Disaster sms letter dispatch service

Application for Subscription to Emergency Text Alert Service

Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement

  • In order to protect the valuable lives and property of the citizens from various kinds of disasters, Cheongju City plans to provide a mobile text alert service based on your consent to use of minimum personal information as below in accordance with the Article 17 (provision of personal information) of The Personal Information Protection Act.
    The collected personal information including name and mobile phone number receiving the text messages for disaster notification shall not be used for any other purposes.
    Period for holding and using personal information is from the service subscription date to the requested end date (For termination of the service, please call the Disaster Management Team, and your personal information shall be deleted safely.)
    ※ Applicants for the service can refuse consent to collection and use of personal information. Use of the service shall be limited in case of refusal to consent.
  • I have fully acknowledged information aforementioned, and provide consent to collection and use of personal information (Personal Information Protection Act Article 17) and receiving the text messages for disaster notification.
    (Inquiry : Disaster Management Team under Safety Policy Division at Cheongju City Hall 043-201-1613, 2119)

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