King Sejong and Chojeong Mineral Spring Festival

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Basic info

  • Address853-11, Chojeongyaksu-ro, Naesu-eup, Cheongwon-gu, Cheongju-si (Chojeong Culture Park)
  • Contact for inquire82-43-201-2042
  • Festival InfoInformation on Tourist Attraction Chojeong Mineral Spring, together with Shasta of the U.S. and Napolinas of the U.K. is considered one of the world’s three major mineral water springs. First discovered about 600 years ago, Chojeong Mineral Spring is mentioned in old documents such as Dongguk Yeoji Seungnam (Augmented Survey of the Geography of Korea) and Joseon wangjo sillok (Annals of the Joseon Dynasty). Records of King Sejong curing his eye disease while staying at the spring for 117 days during his two visits in 1444, the 26th year of his reign, as well as King Sejong curing his skin disease with the water from the spring, have led to its fame. This festival aims to commemorate King Sejong’s deep love and understanding of his people’s difficulties and become an impressive festival inspired by the vitality of Chojeong mineral water, offering the people of Cheongju a touching and joyful experience that transcends generations.

Festival Detailed Info

About the Festival

Effects of Chojeong Mineral Water

  • Characteristics of Chojeong Mineral Water: High Carbonic Acid, LowpH
    • -Carbonic Acid Content: Main components are calcium cation (Ca) and bicarbonate anion (HCO3-), containing 1,122mg/L on average

      ※ Other Regions: 1,048 mg/L on average

    • - Hydrogen Ion Concentration (pH): 4.8 on average

      ※ Other Regions: 5.9 on average

Excellence of Chojeong Mineral Water

  • ① Good Balance of Minerals
    ▶ Features: High silicon content
    → Prevents Alzheimer’s disease
    • Mineral Content: 242 mg/L on average, mainly calcium (Ca) and silicon (Si) in great quantities, with an even balance of minerals compared to other areas, where calcium is the main component
  • ② Tasty and Healthy Water
    • Chojeong Mineral Spring Water Index O = 3.0 -> Tasty Water
      ※ Standard of Tasty Water: Index O > 2
    • Chojeong Mineral K Index= 32.2 -> Healthy Water
      ※ Standard of Healthy Water: K Index > 5.2
  • ③Medical Effects of Carbonic Acid Spring
    • Boosts Appetite
    • Relieves Vomiting
    • Skin Disease
    • Sexual Impotence
    • Boosts Digestion
    • Hardening of Blood Vessels
    • Heart Disease
    • Circulatory Disturbance
    • Relieves Constipation
    • Liver Disease, Diabetes
    • Pressure Sores

Event Outline

  • Festival: The 13th King Sejong and Chojeong Mineral Spring Festival

    ※ Slogan: King Sejong Enter the Palace

  • Date: May 31th (Fri.) –June 2nd (Sun.) <3 Days>
  • Venue: Throughout the Chojeong Culture Park
  • Host: Cheongju-si
  • Supervisor: Cheongju Cultural Industry Promotion Foundation
  • Managing Agency: CJB ENTERCOM


  • 853-11, Chojeongyaksu-ro, Naesu-eup, Cheongwon-gu, Cheongju-si (Chojeong Culture Park)

How to come

Jikji-daero (2.1km) → National Road No. 36 (6.6km) → Chojeongyaksu-rob(4.5km)