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What is Cultural Tourism Interpreter?

Cultural Tourism Interpreters are volunteers who offers specialized information about tourist attractions such as history, culture and nature to help tourists, who visit Cheongju, to understand, appreciate or actually have a chance to experience them.


Cultural Tourism Interpreters, who are working in each place of duty, have vast knowledge about cultural relics in the Cheongju area and a strong command of foreign languages (English, Chinese and Japanese) as well as Korean. Individuals and groups who want to tour Cheongju can get detailed information from Cultural Tourism Interpreters by making reservations free of charge.


  1. Choose a travel area
  2. Input commentary application date, time, number of tourists and other information
  3. Manager completes reservation and notifies tourists after confirming the availability of Cultural Tourism Interpreters
  4. Meet the Cultural Tourism Interpreter on the reserved date and listen to guidance on cultural relics

Tourists have to call their Cultural Tourism Interpreters for schedule changes or cancellations.

Number of Cultural Tourism Interpreters and working hours

  • Number of tour guides: 1 on weekdays / 2 on weekends and holidays
  • Hours: 10:00 to 17:00

However, additional tour guides are ready for reservations

Foreign Language Tourism Information Service

  • Wired Telephone: 1330 (no area code)
  • Mobile phone: area code +1330

Tour Guide Contact

  • Cheongju International Airport +82-43-201-6114