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  1. Pyeongdong Tteok Village [Information Network Village] (Making Rice Cake)
  2. Lunch
  3. Korean Craft Museum (Crafts Experience)
  4. Ranch Experience (Making Handmade Cheese)

Experience Tour ‘Korean Craft Museum’

The Korea Craft Center with DIY programs is located in Craft and Culture Zone linked with the Cheongju Arts Center and the Cheongju Early Printing Museum. Since September 2001, the Korea Craft Center has been run by Cheongju which holds the International Craft Biennale every two years.


Experience Tour ‘Ranch Experience’

Darae Ranch is located in Naesu-eup, Cheongju. The ranch has a total of 90 cows – 50 milking cows and 40 steers. The ranch began with a single newborn calf. Some years later, four cows began to produce milk at the ranch. Afterwards, the site was renovated to create the foundation for the current ranch. The ranch received an HACCP certificate, the Best Clean Ranch Prize from the Korea Dairy & Beef Farmers Association (the Agriculture and Forestry Minister Award), and antibiotic-free milk certification. The ranch also took part in a pilot project of the Cheongwon-gun Agricultural Technology Center and held a farm-type milk processing event (cheese-making farm program) and ranch tours by the Korea Dairy Committee.