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Early Printing Museum of Cheongju is a museum that specializes in early printings. It is the only printing museum in Korea, and a rare type of museum even on a global level. 『Jikji』 is the oldest existing book printed with metal printing types. The Buddhist book was published in Cheongju in 1377, which was 72 years earlier than German pring of Gutenberg’s Bible. The book was internationally recognized and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage in 2001. The metal type printing process used to produce Jikji is explained with life-sized dolls, helping visitors easily understand the old printing culture. The museum also shows the developmental history of Chinese, Japanese and Western printing culture as well as Korea’s printing culture, which has been passed down from the Silla Dynasty. An experience space lets visitors print on their own with metal types, and a souvenir corner sells unique souvenirs at reasonable prices, with both receiving favorable responses. Moreover, at a guide booth, a full time guide is always available to provide more detailed explanations.

How to come

Cheongju IC - Drive 8.16km along Garosu-gil - Turn left at Sachang Sageori - Drive 976m along 1sunhwan-ro - Turn right at Bongmyeong Sageori - Drive 880m - Turn left – Drive 119m along Heungeok-ro - Turn left - Move 9m - Arrival