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Cheongju National Museum shows all of Cheongju’s historical relics. The museum, which opened in October 30, 1987, is dedicated to surveying, studying, and exhibiting the unique cultural heritage of Chungcheongbuk-do and shedding new lights on Jungwon culture through various cultural education programs. The museum has four permanent exhibition rooms which show about 2,300 relics excavated in Chungcheongbuk-do area. The relics are displayed according to their period, and are from the Paleoithic Age to the Joseon Dynasty. The first exhibition room shows relics from the Paleoithic Age to the Bronze Age. The second exhibition room is for relics from the Proto-Three Kingdom period and the Three Kingdom Period and showcases materials about the ancient iron culture. The third exhibition room is for those from the United Shilla and Goryeo Periods and displays many Buddhist sculptures, including the 『Stele of Amitabha with Inscription of “Gyeyu Year”』, which was designated as Natural Treasure 106. Cheongmyeongwan Hall, a complex cultural space, consists of the Children’s Museum, a planned exhibition hall, and an auditorium with an advanced visual facility. At the Children’s Museum, hands-on activities are popular as they help children enjoy learning about the excavation of relics and cultural heritage.

How to come

Cheongju IC – Drive 10.8km along Garosu-ro - Turn right at Sangdang Sageori – Drive along 572m along with Sandang-ro - Turn left at Old Namgung Hospital Sageori - Drive 1.71km along Yongdam-ro - Turn left near Cheongju Zoo - Drive 1.44km along Myeongam-ro - Turn left – Move 24m - Arrival