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Greetings from the Mayor

시장님 사진
Communication has led the citizen-initiated integration of Cheongju city and Cheongwon county for the first time in the constitutional history of Korea.
Communication is also needed for the new, integrated Cheongju city.
I, Lee Beom-seok, will communicate more with our citizens.

Old framework will be renewed.
The innovative idea in ​bio-technology has become the engine that will fuel the next 100 years of Cheongju city.
With new ideas, I will innovate the old and bring forward the future.

A vision we pursuit in one heart becomes a reality.
I will put forth my best effort to create Smile Together Cheongju,
where all citizens of Cheongju are safe and happy.

I ask you for our citizens a continued support and participation.

Mayor of Cheongju City