Cheongju Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly) Street

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Basic Information

  • Address37, Namsa-ro 89beon-gil, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do (Seomun-dong)
  • TEL82-43-253-0531
  • Tourist InformationFree refill of matured kimchi and Deodeok Mother’s taste of Sioyaki restaurant (Designated Restaurant for Inherited Food ) The owner is a butcher who has worked for 25 years. The restaurant appeared in various TV programs such as CJB TV’s Chungbuk Now, KBS TV’s Taste Travel, My Hometown and Local Foods. Its green onion side dish is MSG-free and was matured for one week. Its soy sauce is loaded with 15 kinds of ingredients and boiled down on low fire for five hours.
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Tourist Attraction Information

(Grilled Pork Belly)
(Pork Neck)
kkotdeungsim (Beef Sirloin)
Yukhoe (Beef Tartare) mugeunji
kimchi jjigae
(Ripe Kimchi Stew)
KRW 9,000 KRW 9,000 KRW 20,800 KRW 20,800 KRW 6,000

Location Information