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Basic info

  • Address721, Daecheonghoban-ro, Munui-myeon, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do (San 6-1, Munsan-ri)
  • Contact for inquire82-43-201-2012~3
  • Festival InfoDaecheongho Sunrise Festival takes place at Munui Cultural Properties Site which overlooks Daecheongho Lake, where you can watch beautiful scenery of sunrise. The sun rises against the backdrop of a quiet scene of a harmony of the mountain. This sun rise is so beautiful that it is one of the most beautiful scenes of Cheongwon-gu, Cheongju-si. Various events excite people. In addition, the place is easily accessible by car, and not too crowded. Therefore, every year, more and more people visit the festival.

Festival Detailed Info

Every year on January 1, under the theme of “New Beginning, Energetic Take-off, First Sunrise of the New Year”, residents of Cheongju and Daejeon flock to Munui Cultural Properties Site which overlooks Daecheongho Lake, look back on the past and welcome New Year and see a hope and vow to take off on January 1 of every year. The event is positioning itself as an event to wish for the health and happiness of families via sacrificial rites, a Korean drum performance and fantastic fireworks.

Title Cheongwon Sunrise Festival
Date and time 06:00~08:00 on Jan. 1 of every year
Place Munui Cultural Properties Site
Sponsored / organized by Cheongwon Cultural Center
  • Sound for New Year and crossover performances
  • Big drum performance, New Year’s message, shouting hurray 3 times, watching sunrise
  • Letter of hope, flying hope balloons, lottery
  • Sharing hot teas, eating rice cakes and hands-on painting and woodcut print
  • Held regardless of snow.
  • The spread of foot-and-mouth disease cancelled the 2011 festival

How to come

Gyeongbu Expressway (8.7km) → Wonhwaldangjin Yeongdeok Expressway (9.5km) → Daecheonghoban-ro (9.0km) → Arrival