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Basic info

  • Address69, Heungdeok-ro, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do (Uncheon-dong)
  • Contact for inquire82-43-255-8885
  • Festival InfoCheongpung Myeongwol Art Festival (formally known as 'Chungbuk National Arts Festival') develops our traditional arts and enhances our culture by mixing it with modern arts as one of the major festivals of Chungbuk.
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Festival Detailed Info

History of Cheongpung Myeongwol Art Festival

The first Cheongpung Myeongwol Art Festival kicked off at Cheongju Technical High School in 1959 with the support from Cheongju mayor Hong Won-gil who was from man of letters.

Until the third festival in 1961, the Korea Culture Association was superseded by the Korean Cultural and Art Association. Its Cheongju Branch was established with its inaugural meeting on February 28, 1962. Architecture, traditional music, dance, literature, art, etc. are colorfully held or displayed at Cheongju Art Center, Chungbuk National Arts & Culture Center, Musimcheon Special Stage, and other various places throughout Cheongju. The festival has been changed to Cheongpung Myeongwol Art Festival from Chungbuk National Art Festival by local artists since 2001. The festival plays the roles of salt and light in society. Many artists takes part in the festival and offers rich culture and art as a spiritual refreshing drink.

When first opened in 1959 in Cheongju Technical High School, the festival was very small, crude and suffered some trouble. However, over the years, it has positioned itself as a popular festival among people. The festival is enhancing its style and position as a general art festival and always takes into consideration what the citizens want. Chungbuk is a region of cool breezes and the bright moon. The soul of Solgeo is somewhere and the spirit of Ureuk is alive in the region. The region had Songgang’s passion and fidelity, Nangye’s soft music and Sangchon’s poetry. The region is loaded with traditional and contemporary cultures, surprise and wonder, joy and exultation, pleasure and excitement.

The Federation of Artistic and culture organization of Korea will develop the Cheongpung Myeongwol Festival as the most famous local festival in Korea through steady efforts, research and development.

How to come

Pungnyeon-ro (0.5km) → Seohaenggarosu-ro (1.3km) → Seohaengsajik-daero (1.9km) → Yeche-ro (0.7km) → Arrival