Cheongjueupseong Fortress Festival

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Basic info

  • AddressSeongan-gil (Cheongjueupseong Fortress Site and Cheongju)
  • Contact for inquire82-43-219-1011
  • Festival InfoAiming to succeed the spirit and historical meaning of the first land victory in Imjin War of Joseon Dynasty to recapture Cheongjuseong Fortress and the Cheongju pulling line.
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Festival Detailed Info

Origin and Purpose

The festival honors a historical event where voluntary and monk soldiers recaptured a fortress in 1592 during the Imjin War.

Festival Policy

Festival promotes creative civic participation with stronger identity and formation of unity among citizens through experience-oriented events.

Event Details

  • Pre-event: Pulling alley lines, walking around fortress, stone-throwing battle, etc.
  • The event: Opening ceremony, re-creation of recapturing fortress, pulling line


September 1 ~ 2. 2018

How to come

Pungnyeon-ro (0.5km) → Seohaenggarosu-ro (1.3km) → Seohaengsasik-daero (3.8km) → Arrival