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Greetings from the Mayor

시장님 사진
To the 860,000 Citizens of Cheongju,
this is LEE, Beom-Seog, the mayor of Cheongju City.

Cheongju City I dream of is a global prestige city where all 860,000 citizens are wealthy and happy within a Mega City of the ChungcheongBuk-Do region.

Furthermore, I would like to create a self-sustaining city for one million citizens that will lead the way forward for the global generations.

Based on the city’s philosophy: ‘Communication and empathy, creation and innovation’, I will do my best to ensure that all residents living in Cheongju are wealthy and healthy.

There is a saying that if you wish to go far, go together.
All my dreams for Cheongju cannot be achieved through my efforts alone.

If the 860,000 citizens and our public officials join hands and move forward together, we will be able to achieve valuable results.

I will realize the dreams of Cheongju through open administration, responsible administration, and working administration, all of which will lead to the happiness of the citizens.

I will put my heart and soul into realizing ‘The Better Cheongju, Happy Citizens’ together with the 860,000 citizens of Cheongju.

Thank you.
LEE, Beom-Seog, Mayor of Cheongju City