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Daecheong Dam

Daecheong Dam

Daecheong Dam,
Bringing Affluence to the Central Part of Korea.

Daecheong Dam completed in 1980 is a complex-type dam that consists of a concrete gravity dam and a zone fill dam with 72 m of height and 495 m of length.
With a total storage capacity of 1.49 billion ton, Daecheong Dam is supplying residential water, industrial water, and agricultural water not only to Chungcheong area including Daejeon and Cheongju but also to Jeonbuk area that includes Gunsan, Jeonju, and Iksan. With the facility capacity of 90,000 kW, power generation facility of Daecheong Dam is 240 million kWh per year.
From Daecheong Dam observatory, one can view the clear Daecheongho, and in the Water PR Hall there is a video facility that enables one to view the data on water, dam construction, and various resources at a glance, serving as a learning site of water resources.

Further Information on Daecheong Dam

Daecheong Dam, which is the longest multi-purpose artificial lake, presents a superb scenery together with nearby mountains and valleys. Surrounding the lake, quite a few cultural properties are well preserved, including Cheongnamdae that was open first the first time in 20 years, Hyeonamsa and Muneui Confucian School.

Residents near the lake are very proud of Daecheong Dam. They all say that endless small waves of the lake and mountain ridges floating on the lake like islands are covered by white rain-fog in the early morning and the view of blue sky and white clouds that decorate the Daecheong Dam during the day reminds one of a lively water-color painting.

Besides, the lakeside road stretching along the water way, disappearing at times into thick forest tunnels, presents a scenery of unsurpassed beauty. Daecheongho, a gigantic lake created when the middle of the River Geum was blocked, is an important water-resource that supplies invaluable water to the fields of Central Korea.

Daecheong Dam is located in-between Daejeon and Cheongwon-gun of Chungbuk. With a total water storage capacity of 1.49 billion ton, Daecheong Dam is the largest lake next to Chuingjuho in Central Korea. It is connected endlessly to the hills of 200~300 m in altitude, giving the lakeside an impression that is as generous as the minds of Chungcheong residents.

Daecheongho drive course runs into two directions. One is the northern trail of the lake that connects Cheongju and Sintanjin, another is the southern trail that leads to Boeun and Okcheon. Of the two, the northern trail between Muneui-myeon and Hyeondo-myeon Oga-ri is known to be the most outstanding scenery.

Drive Course

The drive starts as one gets off the Gyeongbu Expressway at Sintanjin IC and drives to the direction of Daecheong Dam from Sintanjin Intersection. Then, cross the Daecheong Dam and proceed to the direction of Cheongju. If one drives toward Hoenam from Muneui-myeon and keeps on going toward Okcheon on the road that is located on the opposite side of the lake, that is one full circle around Daecheongho which takes about 3~4 hours.

Ogari Maeuntang village, which is located at the entrance of the road that leads from Sintanjin to Daecheong Dam, is regarded as the Maeuntang village that can best represent Daecheongho. Broiled eels, sliced raw trout and leather carp, and fresh water maeuntang like mandarin fish are regarded as special delicacies.