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Transport in Cheongju

버스 사진



Names of Cheongju
Credit card or Mybi card (KRW) Cash (KRW)
Adult 1,400 1,500
Adolescent 1,100 1,200
Child 650 750

One-time free transfer system between buses

You can transfer for free between all inner city buses as long as you make your transfer within forty minutes after tagging your travel card to the sensor before getting off the first ride.

Express Bus

Express Bus
Cheongju Express Bus Terminal Tel. 82 43 238 8880 KOBUS link

Both express and intercity buses have extensive networks throughout the country, providing scheduled transportation from one city to another.
The express bus connects to Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju and other major cities across the country. It runs on expressways and may stop at a rest area but seldom make a stopover in a city other than the set destination. You can purchase tickets on-site or from the homepage or mobile application (Kobus).

Different fares apply for ilban (regular or standard) and udeung (premium) buses. Udeung buses offer additional comfort with wider seats. Overnight buses are also available at a slightly higher rate.

Inter-city Bus

Inter-city Bus
Cheongju Intercity Bus Terminal Tel. 82 43 1688 4321 BusTago link
T-money link

Intercity buses make stopovers at smaller cities while on the way from one region to another region. An intercity bus that runs directly from one region to its destination without any stopover is referred to as jikhaeng (direct route) or mujeongcha (non-stop). Ticket price for late-night buses usually cost more than daytime buses.

From Cheongju, the inter-city bus connects to Gongju, Buyeo, Suwon, Seongnam and other local cities across the country. It also provides direct transportation to Incheon International Airport.

You can use either one of the sites below to reserve a ticket for the intercity bus.


Starting fare is W3,300, and increases by increments of W100 according to time/distance. Late-night surcharge is applied after 12 A.M.


Cheongju Train
KORAIL (Korea Railroad) Tel. 82 43 1544 7788 homepage link
Osong Train Station Tel. 82 43 1544 7788 homepage link
Services (KTX, Korea eXpress Train)
Train map: Seoul - Osong - Busan or Gwagnju Gyeongbu line:
Seoul - Gwangmyeonga - Cheonan·Asan - Osong - Daejeon- Gimcheon·Gumi - Dongdaegu - Singyeongju - Ulsan - Busan
Honam line:
Seoul - Gwangmyeong - Cheonan·Asan - Osong - Gongju - Iksan - Jeongeup - Gwangjusongjeong
Cheongju Train Station
Cheongju Train Station Tel. 82 43 238 8800 homepage link

Services (Mugunghwa Train)

Chungbuk line:
Jochiwon - Osong - Cheongju - Jeungpyeong - Eumseong - Chungju - Jecheon


Cheongju Train Station
Cheongju International Airport Tel. 82 43 21 6114 homepage link
Osong Train Station Tel. 82 43 1544 7788 homepage link