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Unbo's House

Unbo's House

Unbo's House,
Unbo’s House Where Master Kim Kichang’s
Artistic Spirit Is Alive

Unbo’s House, which is the private house of master painter Kim Kichang (Unbo), is a culture and art space that was used as an art gallery, workshop, gallery, art shop, and outdoor viewing-stone park. Master Unbo, who painted the portrait of King Sejong that appears on 10,000 denomination Korean Won, was born in Seoul who is remembered as a magnanimous painter, opening up a new chapter in Korean painting. Although he lost his hearing when he was a child, he painted with unceasing passion throughout his life, leaving innumerable masterpieces after he was selected in Chosun Art Exhibition. Here at this Unbo’s House, one can not only appreciate his paintings but can also purchase ceramic works on which he painted himself.

Further Information

Unbo’s House, which is known for its scenery, is sitting on 89,000㎡ of land that contains his Korean-style house, art gallery, tea-house, ceramic workshop, and his grave.
In 1976, when his painter wife Park Raehyeon (Uhyang) died, moved his residence to Cheongju, hometown of his mother. He purchased land bit by bit and in 1984 completed this Unbo’s House in Hyeongdong-village Naesu-town Cheongju city. In this Korean-style house, one can find rooms, a kitchen, a pavilion, and a pond. The pavilion is where he used to entertain his guests, communicating in writing. The pond where carps live is where Master Unbo used to feed the fish.

Unbo Art Gallery, which was originally established by Dr. Kim Heungbae, the founder of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies before he donoted it to Master Unbo. It consists of three exhibition halls, a data room, a video room, an office, and a storage room. The Gallery also contains works of his painter wife Park Raehyeon and his painter brother Kim Kiman who lives now in North Korea. Master Unbo died in 2001 at the age of 88, but he remains as an inspiration for those who like painting and aspire to become a painter.