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Visions for the 21st Century

Goals & Objectives

Cheongju city has drawn a list of overarching goals for Cheongju city, along with a long-range strategic plan and policies to define the responsibilities of the City administration.
The purpose of these goals and policies is to ensure that the city continuously moves forward in its service to citizens of Cheongju and that each branch of city government performs as it should in order to achieve the best possible result.

The goals are as follows:

  • Goal 1Citizen-oriented open administration;
  • Goal 2Citizen-oriented participatory administration;
  • Goal 3Transparent, accountable and open governance by means of opening and making available the administrative data to all citizens;
  • Goal 4Citizens first policy and service delivery;
  • Goal 5Energetic environment for economic and community activities;
  • Goal 6Favorable investment climate and business environment;
  • Goal 7Activation and development of the existing economy and market;
  • Goal 8Inclusive and sustainable employment and decent work;
  • Goal 9Major logistics hub and mobility center in the heart of Korea;
  • Goal 10Effective local, state, and regional partnerships and exchanges;
  • Goal 11Advanced welfare city with the highest quality of life;
  • Goal 12Improved welfare policies, enhancing the social status of women and disadvantaged communities;
  • Goal 13Efficient traffic networks;
  • Goal 14Green City: pleasant, healthy and sustainable city;
  • Goal 15Future-oriented education system;
  • Goal 16Quality education centered metropolis;
  • Goal 17Smart, healthy young generation;
  • Goal 18Documentary heritage capital of JIKJI, the world’s oldest existing metal type book;
  • Goal 19Development natural and cultural resources and sustainable tourist attractions and establishment of tourism culture;