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Sanitary Landfill

Sanitary Landfill

Sanitary Landfill

Sanitary Landfill
Name of Landfill Location Filling-up volume Filling-up period Remarks
Yongjung Landfil 461-1 Yongjung-dong, Sangdang-gu 2,100 thousand ㎥ '85. 7 ∼ '93.12 Usage expired
Moonam Landfill  100 Moonam-dong, Heungduk-gu 1,860 thousand ㎥ '94. 1 ∼ '00. 12 Usage expired
Wide-area Landfill 73 Hakchunri-san, Gangnae-myun, Cheongwon-gun Plottage: 143,691㎥
Filling-up volume: 1,288 thousand ㎥
Filling-up height : Average 20m
'01. 1 ∼ '07.12 (Scheduled) Under usage

Detailed Conditions of Wide-area Landfill

Business Summary

  • Location : Sooeui-dong Cheongju-si, 83 Hakchunri-san Gangnae-myun Cheongwon-gun
  • Size : 146,391㎥
  • Filling-up volume: 1,288,000㎥
  • Business Expenses : 18,300 mil. Won(National expense:5,490, Municipal expense:11883, Gun expense:927)

Necessity of Business

  • Rise of a proper disposal of garbage as a social problem
  • Necessary to install the filling-up facility due to the expiry of filling-up in the existing Moonam Landfill(Filling-up expired as of Dec. 2000)
  • Creation of the modern sanitary Landfill which comprehensively handles Cheongju and Cheongwon-gun
  • Restoration of trust in a social stability of a garbage disposal facility

Conditions of Location

  • Completely sheltered area surrounded by mountains for three sides
  • Not visible at the road and isolated with mountain and road, etc. from neighboring residential area
  • Minimized environmental damages by the purification action of dense forests adjacent to the Landfill
  • Soil covering on the day of garbage possible due to the good soil quality
  • Odor and vermin prevented with soil covering upon the filling-up of garbage
  • Easy Disposal of leachate
  • Disposed by linking to sewage collection and disposal plant
  • Separate leachate disposal plant constructed and the budget for operating management expenses reduced(36 bil. Won)
  • Restoration of trust in a social stability of a garbage disposal facility
  • Transportation charge and collecting time reduced
  • Delay in collecting time at the long distance operation→Factor of increasing the collecting vehicle

Contents of Creation

  • Creation Principle
  • Insufficient construction blocked with the thorough construction direction by introducing the responsible supervision system
  • Creation of a sanitary and safe garbage Landfill, not a hated facility
  • Construction direction system implemented by a direct participation of residents
  • Major Facility
    Installation of Water Blocking Facility
    • Contamination preventing facility of the soil and underground water due to the water leakage of leachate from garbage
    • Construction Method
      • The floor is leveled and dual soil cement of 50㎝ and 20㎝ in thickness is covered on it,
      • The waterproof sheet(High elasticity, high impact, high tensile strength, permanence) is laid
      • Nonwoven fabric is applied for the safety of water blocking film (waterproof sheet)
      • Again, the rubble 40㎝ is laid for smooth collection of leachate
      • Nonwoven fabric is again applied to reduce an alien substance and the garbage is filled-up
  • Rainfall eliminating facility
    • Protect the Landfill by disposing the rainfall near Landfill
    • Construction is made with the water tight conduit and BOX type and water supply is made
  • Leachate Disposal Facility
    • The facility to purify and dispose leachate produced from the garbage
    • Perforated pipe → water collection a collection pool → Moved to the sewage disposal plant and disposed
    • High-strength pipe (PE) is used as a delivery pipe to prevent the corrosion and water leakage
  • Gas Collection Facility
    • Up-to-date central gas collection

      ※ The management measure per stage to eliminate the bad smell

    • 1st stage:Gas occurrence controlled by daily soil covering
    • 2nd stage:Through the buried gas collection pipe, the gas occurred is collected and burnt.
    • 3rd stage: Chemical dissolution of bad smell with spraying the deodorant on the surface of the filling-up
  • Car and wheel washing facility
    • High-pressure automatic car washing facility to minimize the neighboring damages caused by the cleaning vehicle
      Car and wheel washing facility map

Current Condition of Progress

  • Mutual agreement concluded between Cheongju and Cheongwon : '91. 10. 30
  • Waste Landfill installation approved(Ministry of Environment) : '92. 12. 2
  • Permit on the action in the development restricted area approved(Ministry of Construction and Transportation) : '94. 12. 5
  • Urban planning facility decided and the implementing plan approved : '96. 1.25
  • Compensation review committee held : '96. 1.17
  • The execution of the legal and administrative procedure complete
  • Entire responsible supervision implemented : '96. 10. 1
  • Construction started after persuading residents : '98.10.21
  • Intermediate examination on the waste disposal facility (Environmental Management Corp) (2000. 9.27.~29)
  • Final examination on the waste disposal facility (Environmental Management Corp) (2000.12. 6.~8)
  • Wide-area Landfill construction started (2000.12.22)
  • Wide-area Landfill usage initiation filed (2000.12.30)
  • Wide-area Landfill's filling-up started (2001. 1. 2)

※ Living garbage of average 350 ton per day filled-up pursuant to the filling-up work plan

Landfill Operation Management

  • Operation Principle
    • Decisive investment for the perfect Landfill Operation
    • Participation to the Operation Management by making the resident meeting
    • Resident observation system adopted
    • 5 paid lookout men who are directly elected by residents of neighboring town deployed
  • Operation Method
    • Sanitary filling-up by Cell method
    • Soil covering on the day by 30㎝ in thickness after filling-up 2.2m of the garbage → Bad smell prevented
    • Daily disinfection(sterilization and deodorant) → Odor and vermin prevented
    • Quarantine activity near Landfill
    • Disinfection vehicle regularly deployed and the regular and temporary quarantine is made
    • Pollution of underground water examined(once per quarter)
    • More than 3 underground water inspection wells installed and operated near the Landfill
  • Support of the neighboring town following the creation of the Landfill
    • Support in the first place the businesses of the long-fostered ambition by making the neighboring town meeting
    • Support the businesses on the income improvement and welfare enhancement of residents pursuant to the Act on the facilitation of installation of the waste disposal facility and the support of the neighboring areas
  • Management upon the Completion of Filling-up
    • Create the resident athletic park and provide the resting space after the filling-up
    • Develop in conjunction with the Boomosan Park