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Okhwa Gukyong

Okhwa Gukyong

Okhwa Gukyong,
Okhwa Gukyong, the Beautiful Sceneries Created
by Nature and Time

Okhwa Gukyong denotes nine (9) sceneries that are hidden along Miwon-myeon(town) Dalcheon-cheon(stream). It includes the 1st scenery ‘Cheongseok-gul’, the 2nd scenery ‘Yongso’, the 3rd scenery ‘Cheongyeong-dae’, the 4th scenery ‘Okhwa-dae’, the 5th scenery ‘Geumbong’, the 6th scenery ‘Geumgwan-sup’, the 7th scenery ‘Gamaso-bbul’, the 8th scenery ‘Sinseong-bong’, the 9th scenery ‘Bakdaeso’. When viewing the beautiful sceneries created by nature and time one by one, one feels as if he or she becomes one with nature without knowing.

The 1st Scenery: Cheongseok-gul


Location: Along Miwon-myeon(town) Unam-ri(village) Cheongju-Boeun National Highway No. 19
Cheongseok-gul, where Paleolithic artifacts such as chopper, convex blade, and scraper were discovered, is a cave where our remote ancestors lived and is preserved as it was. The temperature here is so low, even in hot summer one feels chilly in this cave. The legend has it that in this cave a dragon had appeared long time ago. Outside the cavern, the cliff is so steep that this is a favorite place for many rock climbers.

The 2nd Scenery : Yongso


Location: 2 km from Miwon-myeon(town) Okhwa-ri(village) National Highway No. 19 toward Geumgwan-ri(village)
Yongso is the deepest spot of Dalcheon-cheon (Stream) the depth of which cannot be fathomed by just looking. The legend has it that in this Yongso there lived a dragon that tried to ascend to heaven but could not, as it suffered a bad luck related to a female witness. The dragon is said to have become an Imugi or a monster serpent instead.

The 3rd Scenery : Cheongyeong-dae


Location: 2.5km from Miwon-myeon(town) Okhwa-ri(village) National Highway No.19 toward Geumgwan-ri(village)
The name Cheongyeong-dae (Heaven Mirror Place) is given since this place, when reflected on the clear water together with the steep cliff, looks like a mirror that reflects heaven. Because of the beautiful scenery, this place attracts many summer vacationers.

The 4th Scenery : Okhwa-dae


Location: 2.5km from Miwon-myeon(town) Okhwa-ri(village) National Highway No. 19 toward Geumgwan-ri(village)
Okhwa-dae, which is located about 300 m downstream from Cheongyeong-dae, is a place that became famous as famous scholars of Chosun Dynasty like Li Gyuso built pavilions to teach younger students, pavilions such as Chuweon-jeong that resembled the clear autumn moon, Mangyeong-jeong from which one can view all the sceneries of the world, and Sesim-jeong, a pavilion where one cleans his mind. The name Okhwa-dae was given since this place, located on a hill that was filled with old tree on the cliff near Okhwa-ri(village) stream as if it was a fallen piece of jade on the field. Okhwa-dae is often referred to as the most representative of all 9 sceneries of Okhwa, and was so valued by the upright scholars of the time.

The 5th Scenery : Geumbong


Location: 4km from Miwon-myeon(town) Weolryong-ri(village) National Highway No.19 toward Geumgwan-ri(village)
Geumbong, which means a silk-like mountain top, is a beautiful forest around which a clear stream flows, creating a clean sandy beach. This is a favorite place to visit for families with children.

The 6th Scenery : Geumgwan Forest

Geumgwan Forest

Location: 6km from Miwon-myeon(town) Geumgwan-ri(village) National Highway No. 19 toward Geumgwan-ri
This is a 7,920㎡ size forest that is located near a Miwon-myeon(town) Geumgwan-ri(village) stream. Because of the many trees that occupy this place, sun shine does not reach this forest even in summer. A stream flows near the forest, and there are decent facilities for a resort area, attracting many summer vacationers including students and family units.

The 7th Scenery : Gamaso-bbul


Location: 7km from Miwon-myeon(town) Eoam-ri(village) National Highway No. 19 toward Geumgwan-ri(village)
Gamaso-bbul became famous as it was linked to a sad legend. Long time ago, a bridegroom and a bride who just got married was passing this area. As the cedan that carried the bride was shaking, the bride fell into water and drowned. In sorrow, the bridegroom also jumped into water and was drowned. Gamaso-bbul, which was given this name from the legend, is located below the cliff.

The 8th Scenery : Sinseon-bong


Location: 8km from Miwon-myeon(town) Gyeweon-ri(village) National Highway No. 19 toward Geumgwan-ri(village)
Sinseon-bong is the scenery that is observed from the side of Gyeweon-ri(village). The name Sinseon-bong was given from a story that says, here at this mountain top (Bong) Taoist hermits are known to have played. The valley is made of a gigantic rock, and anyone who visits this place feels like he or she became a Taoist hermit himself or herself listening to the sound of water flowing below it.

The 9th Scenery : Bakdaeso


Location: 9km from Miwon-myeon(town) Eoam-ri(village) National Highway No. 19 toward Geumgwan-ri
The last scenery of Dalcheon-cheon, this place is called Bakdaeso because, surrounded by a blue rock like a wind-screen, there is a deep pond. Baedaeso is located in Miwon-myeon(town) Eoam-ri(village), at a place that is about 1 km apart from Sinseon-bong to the northwest.