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Investment Environment

The region is equipped with the best conditions for advanced industries

It is the center of the transportation network where Gyeongbu and Jungbu Expressway cross and passengers from home and abroad can get here conveniently by airplane at the Cheongju International Airport or the Gyeongbu high-speed railroad at the Osong staion.

It also provides a favorable enviroment for industrial technology companies with an abundant water supply and spacious land area available to state-of-the art industries

Multi-Level Domestic and International Transportation Network

  • Located in the central region of the country, Cheongju is the hub center of the nation' transportation where Gyeongbu (Seoul-Busan) Railway and Gangwon-Honam Railway are connected. The area is well established with basic facilities to be of service to super-speed transportation networks (Gyeongbu, Jungbu Expressway, Gyeongbu Railway, International Airport). These transportation systems make available easy access to every living sphere of the nation.
  • Near the capital territory, the area has a great advantage as a growth corridor.
  • Best relay area for advancing to China and South-east markets.

Efficient Supply of Human Resources

  • The area has 6 universities and colleges including national universities. With the Daedeok Science Town at neighboring area, Cheongju city will be able to play a leading role for state-of-the-art industries, as the Science Town will supply human resources specialized in advanced technology.
  • Thus the industrial complex will never fail to hold highly skilled and professional human resources.

Beautiful Natural Environment and Cultural Tradition

  • Surrounded by scenic sights of the nature with clean environment, cultural inheritances rich with historical and traditional background such as Sangdang mountain Fortress, Heungdeok Temple Site (Early Printing Museum) and Buddhist Iron Flagpole are well maintained.
  • Cheongju is also endowed with a number of scenic sites frequented by tourists year round; including Songni Mountain National Park, Okhwa 9 Famous Spots, Chojeong Mineral Water Spring, Hwayang-dong Canyon, Ssang-gok Canyon, etc.

It is projected possible to secure sufficient men power from drifting population to meet enterprise requirement

  • Cheongju City has established a special team to support overseas investments by means of providing foreign investors with one stop complete administrative processing support, for which domestic investors are not excluded.
  • Support enterprise activities by operating Cheongju Trade Center.

Product exhibition, trading consultation, overseas marketing information, support for small and medium sized companies

City Infrastructure


  • Cheongju International Airport is located in the middle of the Korean peninsula, which enables an easy access to the city from any part of the country, which is within about four hours flight from most of the Asian countries
    • Area : 6,739,778㎡
    • Number of Runways : 2(2,744m×45m, 2,744m×60m)


Located in the middle of the country, Cheongju is linked to two Expressways (Gyeongbu Expressway,
Jungbu Expressway) and 1 inland Expressway, providing easy access from any area such as the
national capital territory, Yeongnam territory and Honam territory.
Gyeongbu Expressway (Cheongju IC)
Jungbu Expressway (West Cheongju IC, Cheongwon IC)
Jungbu Inland Expressway (Cheongju~Sangju)

Expressway Interchange
Expressway Interchange


  • Gyeongbu Railway (Jochiwon)
  • Chungbuk Railway (Jochiwon - Cheongju - Chungju - Jecheon)
  • Gyeongbu Super-Speed Railway (Osong)

Industrial Water

A multi-purpose dam with a capacity of 150 million tons has been constructed around Cheongju City. It provides a steady electric power supply, as well as abundant water for residents and industries.

  • Daecheong Dam
  • Capacity: 149 million tons
  • Power generation: 196~240 million Kw/year
  • Water supply: 1,649 million tons/year

Cheongju Industrial Complex

  • Location : Bongmyeong, Songjeong, Bokdae and Gangseo-dong areas in Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju City
  • Year Established: 1969~1989 (Complexes 1, 2, 3, and 4)
  • Area : 4,099,000㎡
  • Basic Facilities
    • Road: 22km (Width 25m - 6km, Width 15m - 16km)
    • Water supply : Industrial water : 196,000 ㎥/day, Water supply : unlimited,
    • Underground water : 7,800 ㎥/day
  • Occupying enterprises: 367 enterprises in 4 complexes
  • Employees: 27,371 (2014)
  • Occupying industries: Food, Textiles, Chemicals, Semiconductor, etc.

Ochang Science Town (Local Industrial Complex)

  • Size: 9.43million ㎡
    • Plant site : 2.60million ㎡
    • Public facility site: 6.80million ㎡
    • Occupying industries: advanced industries such as Semiconductor, Computer, Automatic equipment and Aircraft equipment

Osong Health and Medicine Industrial Town (National Corporation)

  • Size: 9.11 million ㎡
  • Occupying industries: Medical appliances, Medicines, Research Institutions
  • Medical facilities site: 3.58 million ㎡