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Sangsu Herb Land

Sangsu Herb Land

Sangsu Herb Land

Sangsu Herb Land,
Sangsu Herb Land, the True Value of Sangsu Herb

Sangsu Herb Land is a herb botanical garden where more than 500 species of herb grow on 66,000㎡ of land. In a farm or more than 9,900㎡ of glass green-house, green herbs bloom even in winter. Herb Land is famous for blooming flowers 365 days a year. In Sangsu Herb Land, various events are carried out such as Herb Festival, wedding ceremonies, banquets, and hands-on classes.

True Value of Sangsu Herb

For example, one can mention the role of Sangsu Herb as a herb pioneer in Korea who planted the herb culture 15 years ago. However, the true value of Sangsu Herb lies in that it has world-class competitiveness in terms of the state-of-the-art horticultural technologies. The remarkable external growth of Sangsu Herb we can identify at the present stage is a natural result that such technological excellence has brought.

This is exactly where Sangsu Herb is different from other herb related businesses that rely almost entirely on foreign import, and that is our true value that ensures the future of Korean herb as the leader of the next generation herb industry. To realize this corporate value, we are constantly trying with the following four mottos as our mission:

Herb Festival

This Herb Festival is held with the intention of widely propagating diverse methods of herb use such as herb plant as landscaping value, understanding of herb food as air freshener and as insect repellant, and also as a forum to enhance national health. We publicize herb to the general public academically by sponsoring various events and herb seminars, we provide a forum where children can be taught on herb by offering channels of hands-on experience.

Tour Course

Herb Exhibition Hall → Herb Park → Herb Live Carpet → Rare Rocks and Pine Trees such as Chair Rock, Herb Palace of Sea Kings, Dragon Pine, 1,000-year Pine → White Jade Mineral Spring → Herb Pot, Indoor Herb Garden → Herb Rest Area → Herb Tunnel → Herb Flower & Rice → Herb Castle → Observatory